Week 7

Week 6 we talked about AR & VR foundation. I’ve decided to experiment around with AR foundation in Unity. Here’s the mini tutorial for my future self.

AR foundation tutorial:


Things to mention (forgot to mention in the video)

  • Within the AR session origin, I added the component of AR image tracking before adding the library & 3D object.

Read & Respond:

Today’s reading is A Manifesto for cyborgs: Science, Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the 1980s by Donna Haraway. This reading was about a cyborg that is a hybrid of a machine and a sociable creature. It could be a animal/human. The cyborg is classify as a fiction that represents struggle over life & death. The reason why it struggle so much is because it’s being rejected by many that can’t accept something different than what they usually see. There is a category for everything and the cyborg a hybrid does not belong in any category. This story, the cyborg is to persuade feminist to move on and that categories are not needed to separate things.

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