UX Intern Update: Card Sorting for the LibGuides Landing Page

Hello everyone! We are excited to be launching out card sort study this week! The card sort study will give us key insights on how to organize and categorize content on the LibGuides landing page. Feedback from students can help us identify ambiguous guide labels and unbefitting group titles. This is the first step to improving the layout of the LibGuides page. We hope that by solving some of the labeling issues, we can get results more focused on interface issues from future scribbling tests. Scribbling requires the user to focus on the structure and layout of the website, to see whether the orientation, scale, and organization of content is effective. If we establish the correct labeling, users can focus more on the interface for our scribbling tests.

We are gonna launch our card sort test this Thursday during tabling hours. We are planning to run a both a physical and online card sort simultaneously, so that we get more user feedback. Our physical card sort will allow students to group, name, and play around with our pre-labeled post-its on a table. This will be interactive and insightful, as it will give us a chance to observe first-hand how students are arranging the LibGuides content. We have also created an online card sort that allows students to drag, label, and group the cards through an online platform called Optimal Workshop. We are hoping that the bright and exciting poster we have designed will encourage more students to try card sorting for a chance to win gift card prizes.

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