Today is Right to Read Day

Right to Read Day is April 24th, 2023

National Library Week is this week, with the first Monday of the week declared as Right to Read Day, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the formation of the United Against Book Bans Campaign. The City Tech Library has celebrate Banned Books Week over the years, including Prof. Prince exploring the history of Banned Books Week in this post. There have been a record number of book bans this year due to recently passed legislation throughout the country.

How can YOU celebrate Right to Read Day?

Here are some tips to celebrate Right to Read Day:

  • Check out a banned book! The American Libraries Association has a list of banned books, with some titles in the City Tech collection.
  • Support the City Tech Library, and your local public library by writing letters of support.
  • Write your local representatives or local media
  • Join the United Against Book Ban campaign
  • Spread the word on the fight against book bans on social media using the #RightToRead hashtag. You can also customize your social media profile with an image that shows your support.