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May Day – International Workers’ Day

Visit the City Tech library to browse and borrow our books on display for May.  On display we have career and labor books. Explore the topics on display to learn more and discover additional books in our collection. You are sure to find something of interest. May Day, which is celebrated on May 1, has a rich history around the world. I remember it as a day of fairs, plaiting of the maypole and lots of celebration. Others may recognize it as a day of workers’ solidarity, civic engagement, protest and rallying for workers’ as a day of fairs, maypoles and lots of celebration, others may recognize it as a day of workers’ solidarity civic engagement, protest and rallying for workers’ rights.

Be sure to come by the CityTech library this month and spring into a good book.   Check out our online databases or connect with a librarian using our virtual chat available 24/7. We have extended hours this month, please view our online calendar. Take this time during the finals push, to stop by the library and read, de-stress, recharge and stay healthy in the midst of all your hard work.  Good luck to all the graduates.

We are open during the summer. Please note changes to our summer schedule.