Spotlight on an OER

Wondering about the possibilities of developing a course on the OpenLab? As part of their popular “In the Spotlight,” blog post series, the OpenLab featured an excellent OER course this week. Designed by Professor Javiela Evangelista, the class “Africana Folklore” was converted so that the syllabus, course materials, and assignments are all part of a shared, public OpenLab site.

One exciting part of the course is that students go on a field trip to the studios of Democracy Now!, in order to explore “how independent media outlets are committed to the survival of stories… that may not be highlighted in mainstream media.” As the blog post notes, this helps to “draw a contemporary parallel to the ways in which Africana Folklore ‘highlights the survival of African descendant people (and their stories) by way of oral, material and customary traditions.'”

The course assignments pair videos with readings, in order to enhance the multimedia aspect of the course, and they’re all easily accessible from any device.
Feel free to take a closer look,  here! –  Africana Folklore: AFR1130

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