Search tutorial finished! — Update from the instructional design intern

So it took longer than I had originally thought, but the search strategy tutorial is finished. I also designed a (very simple) postcard that we can have when we do screen printing with students this Thursday.
Please share with your students! The tutorial is modular in that students can look at the module for step 1 (keywords), or if they already looked at that section, they can jump ahead to step 3 (revising your search). There is also a table of contents at the bottom of each page so that the student can easily zero in on a specific part of the tutorial.
I would love to hear feedback about what works and what doesn’t work in this particular tutorial. We tried to make things visual, as evidenced by my attempt to diagram nested search terms, and easily navigable. The tutorial also includes 10 questions students can use to quiz themselves on the tutorial’s concepts.
venn diagram of nested boolean terms
Our wayfinding study is also underway. I’m excited to get more experience in conducting these types of studies and hearing from students about what works and doesn’t work in terms of navigating the physical library.

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