NYC Public Libraries: A Resource for City Tech Students

As you may know, the City Tech Library has re-opened, and on-site services are available for students, faculty, and staff. However, many students are still studying or attending classes at home at least some of the time. Coming to campus may not be convenient for community members for a variety of reasons. If you need an alternative space for study, research, wifi, and computer access, consider locating your closest public library branch, and signing up for a card. Our public library systems have amazing (and free!) resources for City Tech Students to tap into. City Tech librarians consider public librarians to be our partners, and encourage students to view them as part of their academic support team.

The New York Public Library is one of three separate and independent public library systems in New York City. The other two library systems are the Brooklyn Public Library and the Queens Public Library. You just need one card to use all three systems. 

The New York Public Library has more than six million items in its circulating collections; the Brooklyn Public Library holds almost three million items; the Queens Public Library’s collection includes more than five million items. The three systems also collectively offer around 15 million items, as well as housands of free educational, cultural, and civic programs every month.

Signing up for a card

Do you live in Brooklyn? Brooklyn Public Library’s cards are free for people who live, work, pay property taxes or go to school in New York state. 

First step: apply online for a library card

Next step: Find your closest branch library here.Once you apply for a library card, you must visit a branch within 30 days and validate your card by showing a government-issued ID with your name and present address.

Acceptable government issued IDs include:

  • Current New York State Driver’s License
  • Current New York State Driver’s Permit
  • Current New York State Identification Card
  • Current IDNYC Municipal Card

The other systems have the same policies and similar procedures. Are you in Queens? Apply for a card here. Find your closest branch library here. Locations of NYPL branches are here. You can apply for a card online here

Maybe you stop using your public library because of fines? Guess what! All three local public library systems have eliminated all late fines going forward—and all existing fines and fees in patron accounts have been cleared. This is great news!

Our NYC public library systems combined have millions of print and digital resources in their collections, all accessible with one card. They also have librarians on staff who provide reference support in person or by chat or phone. They offer free wifi, as well as computer and printing equipment for library patron use. This November, take a tip from Library Buzz and visit your local library branch to look around, say hello to the staff, and get that library card!

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