Music Online trial

We are trialing Alexander Street’s Music Online product through the end of March:
Here is the full blurb from Alexander Street:
You can view the music collections either individually or-as we recommend-through the unified Music Online interface at
Music Online is the broadest and most comprehensive online music resource, the first in its kind to deliver audio, video, scores and text reference through one centralized interface, a milestone in digital music reference.
The unified Music Online interface at cross-searches all the collections listed below.  For your trial, you will see only the titles you have asked to try:
African American Music Reference-
American Song-
Classical Music Library-
Classical Music Reference Library-
Classical Scores Library-
Contemporary World Music-
Dance in Video-
The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online-
Opera in Video-
Jazz Music Library-
Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries-
The complete Music Online suite cross-searches more than 88,000 tracks, 285 hours of video, 13,632 scores, and over 45,000 pages of text reference, from over 150 different record and video labels, print publishers and score publishers, such as EMI, Boosey & Hawkes, Opus Arte, Hyperion, Six Degrees Records, Smithsonian Folkways, Edition Peters, Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation, INEDIT, and others.
You can create centralized playlists with one single login, bringing in materials from Alexander Street databases or material anywhere on the Web.  The robust indexing allows users to browse and search by genre, historical event, album, track, score, people, classical work, cultural group, ensemble, instrument, label, place, recording date, reference work, role, subject, time period, venue, and video.
For example, you can browse by instrument “banjo” and immediately access a bluegrass recording by Ralph Stanley, a folk recording by Pete Seeger, multiple images of banjos, articles on the banjo from various reference sources, and a twentieth-century score by David Del Tredici featuring the banjo.
If you are looking for scores, recordings, and videos of particular classical works, you can use the Classical Works browse, which will provide all relevant results for a particular composition.

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