LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month is celebrated each year in June. Pride Month recognizes the importance of the LGBTQ+ community in American history and culture. People celebrate Pride with parades, dances, parties, concerts, and other events. Of course, people celebrate Pride in quieter ways too, like reading.

The City Tech offers an extensive catalog of Ebooks, with hundreds of books on all sorts of LGBTQ+ subjects. These Ebooks can be read online or downloaded (with some restrictions).  Here are just a few of the available books.

Gender Pioneers: A Celebration of Transgender, Non-Binary and Intersex Icons
Showcasing the diversity of gender identities and expressions that have existed in all cultures alongside developments from recent years, the extraordinary stories in this book highlight the achievements and legacies of those who have fought to be themselves, whatever their gender. From activists, soldiers and historical leaders through to pirates, actors and artists, this book explores the life and times of over fifty trans and intersex trailblazers in their fight for equality, acceptance and change. Poignant, educational and empowering, these are the gender pioneers everyone needs to know about.

Non-Binary Lives: An Anthology of Intersecting Identities
Pushing the narrative around non-binary identities further than ever before, this powerful collection of essays represents the breadth of non-binary lives, across the boundaries of race, class, age, sexuality, faith and more. Non-binary people share stories of their intersecting lives; how it feels to be non-binary and neurodiverse, the challenges of being a non-binary pregnant person, the joy of reaching gender euphoria. This thought-provoking anthology shows that there is no right or wrong way to be non-binary.

Queer: a Graphic History
Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele illuminate the histories of queer thought and LGBTQ+ action in this groundbreaking non-fiction graphic novel. From identity politics and gender roles to privilege and exclusion, Queer explores how we came to view sex, gender and sexuality in the ways that we do; how these ideas get tangled up with our culture and our understanding of biology, psychology and sexology; and how these views have been disputed and challenged.

To Be a Trans Man: Our Stories of Transition, Acceptance and Joy
In this illuminating and radically honest book, Ezra Woodger interviews trans men and transmasculine people to interrogate what masculinity is and what it means to be a man. Covering a wide range of topics, from dealing with judgement and expectations, both external and internal, to the experience of gender euphoria, finding a community and the growth and openness that trans-inclusive spaces can provide, the stories in this book highlight the power of being true to who you are.