Intern Missive #6: A Few Recommended Stops Within the Rabbit Hole of Library Resources.

Loved falling down the rabbit hole by Art$uper$tar, used under ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Some great resources I’ve stumbled upon recently:

The New York Amsterdam News, 1994-on. A fantastic local paper & great place to read about local politics, and about NYC in general. Database: MAS Ultra – School Edition.

The New York Times – ok I didn’t *just* stumble on this source, but I have been using it, and wanted to mention that if you’re a CityTech student (or CUNY student in general), you get an automatic year’s subscription to the paper. Having your own subscription means you won’t actually have to go through the library website to access it — you can put it right on your phone if you’d like. To claim your subscription, follow instructions here (it’s easy!).

Business Source Complete Database. Yes, I am recommending an entire database, and while I realize a database recommendation may not seem like the most exciting recommendation, trust me. Business Source Complete holds a staggeringly massive collection of trade publications and trade-related academic journals: whatever you happen to be studying, expect to find multiple relevant publications in this database. A random sampling of interesting titles: Brand Packaging, BioCycle (about waste management), Bee Culture, Engineering Construction & Architectural Management, Marijuana Venture Magazine, Journal of Cleaner Production, Robotics & Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Lodging Hospitality, Middle East Journal of Business, Infrastructure Report, and Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing. 

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