Intern Missive #4: In Current (Reading) Rotation

1. How Video Production Affects Student Engagement: An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos
“This paper presents an empirical study of how video production decisions affect student engagement in online educational videos. To our knowledge, ours is the largest-scale study of video engagement to date, using data from 6.9 million video watching sessions across four courses on the edX MOOC platform.”

2. Would You Watch It? Creating Effective and Engaging Video Tutorials
“This paper combines professional experience and literature reviews from multiple disciplines to provide a contextual overview of recommendations and findings for effective and engaging videos.”

3. Evaluating Best Practices for Video Tutorials: A Case Study
“This paper will explore one library’s experience creating best practices for the creation of video tutorials.”

4. Making It Work: Creating a Student-Friendly Repository of Instructional Videos
“This case study investigates how a team of librarians at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) worked together to assess and optimize their library’s current instructional videos…. Instructional library videos serve as invaluable resources for students who are not present to partake in synchronous library training. However, once a library has produced a substantial number of videos, the need to organize and routinely update these videos can become a rather daunting challenge….”

5. Using an Interactive Online Tutorial to Expand Library Instruction
“This article presents the design and assessment of an online, interactive, information literacy tutorial for first-year composition students at a community college.”

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