Huzzah! 1000th Item Added To Academic Works Today

CUNY Academic Works logoI recently noticed that the automated numbering of records for new items in Academic Works was approaching the 1000 threshold. On a whim, this afternoon I checked to see how many works were posted and today is the day we hit 1000! A mathematics article helped us achieve this goal.

With her permission, I added  Generalization of bi-canonical degrees, co-authored by Dr. Laura Ghezzi (Mathematics), earlier today. Before adding Dr. Ghezzi’s article, we met and had a great conversation about the value of Academic Works as a means to increase the discoverability of one’s publications.

Although Dr. Ghezzi shares her publications on arXiv, a widely used subject repository for physics, computer science, astronomy, and mathematics, we decided that adding this article to Academic Works could potentially bring her new readers and potential citations. We discussed how the version in arXiv is very, very close to the version published formally by Springer so there would be no issue with the version of record (the article formally published by Springer) being meaningfully better than the preprint in arXiv.

City Tech added the most items to the Publications and Research series in Academic Works for 2021-22 of all CUNY campuses. THANK YOU to all the faculty and undergraduate researchers who contributed their scholarship to Academic Works!