Getting oriented – Update from Instructional Design Intern

Today was focused on the City Tech Library’s orientation website. I developed a module-style landing page that will have links to different lessons about the library. Our idea is to be sequential, meaning that students will be encouraged to go from one lesson to another, ending at the orientation quiz. This website can be used both as part of one shot lessons and for classes that might not bring an instruction librarian into the classroom physically. I also worked on layouts for each page, although those will need more work directly on the website next week.
I met with Nora and Junior today to talk about our user test for the tutorials. We hashed out some of the details of our IRB request and our user study. We’re rethinking the materials we will use, specifically our control. Originally, we were planning on using physical manuals to use as a control, but Junior suggested we use Purdue’s online writing lab instead since that would better align with the type of media we’re working with. I’ve been developing promotional materials and will be helping Nora and Junior finalize tasks and debriefing questions. Our plan is to get our IRB request in within the next two weeks.
Finally, I’m still working on our tutorials landing page. Ideally, within the next couple of weeks, we will have a new landing page that is more visually appealing and easier for students to use. More on that to come!
Have a great evening!

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