City Tech Writer Seeks Student Submissions

City Tech Writer flyer that directs users to send to
City Tech Writer flyer

Prof. Kwong from the English department is seeking submissions for the next issue of City Tech Writer. More information is below. Students who seek to submit a piece can email Prof. Kwong at

“We’re looking for excellent student writing (from any discipline) to City Tech Writer, Vol. 18, which can be submitted by uploading a Word document or PDF at 

The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2022. We are open to extending the deadline in cases where essays may come in after this date.

City Tech Writer is a journal of outstanding student writing from ALL disciplines. We’d love to see work in the humanities and STEM alike, representing the full breadth of our students’ stories, research, and ideas.

Last year we were absolutely thrilled to publish a digital issue jam-packed with student interviews, supplementary teaching materials, lovely photographs from students, and a documentary on Asians at City Tech. We’d love to have more talented writers join this issue. This year, we’re excited to introduce a related creative writing contest, Photo Riffs. Please see the attached flyer, the Openlab site and last year’s issue for more information!”

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