300 Pearl Street: A Brief Look Back at City Tech’s Early Years

With the end of another school year fast approaching we thought we would look back at City Tech’s beginnings. You may recognize a few names here. This is the cover letter of Benjamin Namm’s first annual report way back in 1947. Look closely and you’ll note that he gives kudos to Otto Klitgord. Yes, Namm Hall and the old Klitgord Auditorium were named after these City Tech Founding Fathers.
A few other things worth noting are the school’s name and address. It was then 300 Pearl Street. Also, the school was originally known as the New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences. These were the origins of City Tech nearly seventy years ago.
Click here for a PDF version of the letter.

3 Replies to “300 Pearl Street: A Brief Look Back at City Tech’s Early Years”

  1. Happy to see a flash back of my Alma Mater. It was 300 Jay Street then. Graduated 1969 AAS. Was on soccer and track teams. NWent on to City College, graduated BSc in Biology 1971.
    Graduated MD from Downstate Medical Center. Specialty, Internal Medicine. Fully retired U.S. Navy, Captain, after 30 years service 2009.

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