Happy Halloween! – Instructional Design Intern Update

Hi everyone! I’m happy to report that this week there were no tech problems! It’s a Halloween miracle!
I spent the morning with instructional librarian Nora Almeida brainstorming ideas for our new tutorials. We are thinking about tutorials for how to come up with a research question, how to read a citation, and how to find a database. So far, our ideas have included a slideshow/cartoon that takes users through the research question process as well as a choose your own adventure story for identifying parts of a citation. We’re still working out what we’re doing regarding the database tutorial. Our struggle has especially been what metaphor works best for finding a database. There are layers like an onion (or a parfait), but it still doesn’t quite cover the bases. I will update you as we progress!
Otherwise, I focused today on creating the cartoon for the research question process. That should be ready in the next week or so, and hopefully will be live soon. Here’s a sneak preview of what we have in store:

Happy Halloween everyone!

Copyright workshop, 11/3/17, 12-1:30 PM

Copyright for Teaching, Scholarship, and OER FlyerWe’re doing a brand new workshop for faculty this Friday, November 3, Copyright for Teaching, Open Educational Resources and Scholarship!
Is it ethical to post an article to Blackboard if it’s not available online? Should you sign a restrictive author agreement with a publisher? Is it legal to show students a film in class?
As part of teaching and scholarly practices, we routinely confront (or ignore) the challenges introduced by copyright. This workshop will demystify copyright misconceptions and introduce practical solutions for the common copyright challenges you confront as a teacher and scholar.

Where: Library Modular Learning Space, A543
When: Friday, Nov. 3, 12:00-1:30 pm

Open to faculty. RSVP to Prof. Monica Berger, mberger@citytech.cuny.edu

Quizzes, characters, and credentials! – Update from Instructional Design Intern

Today was a fairly successful day! We had rapid response from IT this morning, so I was on the internet fairly quickly! We are also well on our way to getting my credentials, so hopefully we won’t have any of these worries soon.
In terms of projects, I worked on my LibGuide based on the suggestions by the librarians from last week’s instruction meeting. I added a worksheet to the research question section, which will be downloadable and fillable for students. I also added two new quizzes using PlayBuzz. We’re hopeful that this will be the winner on the quiz front. I have also been working on tutorials for asking a research question, how to understand a citation, and how to find textbooks. I’m working on a character who will take you through these processes that I’m looking forward to debuting in the future!
Have a great week, everyone!

Progress! – Update from Instructional Design Intern

Nothing starts off a Monday like internet problems. But don’t worry! We might finally get this problem fixed soon with brand new credentials for this intern. It’ll be so exciting to get to access the internet as soon as I arrive instead of waiting for one of the lovely folks from IT to come up and sign me in!
This afternoon, I attended a meeting with the instructional staff here at the City Tech Library. The librarians in attendance took a closer look at the LibGuide I’ve been preparing and provided feedback on what can be done to improve it. For instance, a font I used in some of the graphics may have been a little dated. I changed them to Britannic Bold, which should be a little more with the times! We have a few tweaks to take care of next week, but I think we’re well on our way and should be publishing soon.
We also took a look at the LibWizard feature from SpringShare, the parent company for LibGuides. Our hope was that we could embed quizzes that students could take that would give them immediate feedback and help them learn. Unfortunately, it seems LibWizard is mostly for surveys and cannot give the user any feedback about their work, so we’re moving on! I’ve looked into Sporcle, a popular trivia quiz site that I’ve used as a study tool in the past. What’s nice about Sporcle is that you can easily embed your quizzes and have different types of questions for students. Unfortunately, it seems that advertising may stop us from using it, as well as some questions about our intellectual property rights. We’re still working out what we can do to embed quizzes, but we’d like to have the LibGuide be as interactive as possible.
Have a good week!

Update from Local Star/Instructional Design Intern

Today has been action packed here at City Tech Library! First of all, I finished the first draft of my research guide! We have a few adjustments to be made, but we it should be available for use soon.
I also spent a good portion of my day checking out the program inklewriter. inklewriter lets you write a choose-your-own-adventure story with images and links. I thought it would be a perfect way to gamify the library tutorials. Right now we’re testing it out with the “Quest for the Citation Grail,” a game where students identify parts of a citation. This test run allows us to learn how this platform works and what its capabilities truly are. We want to investigate more into intellectual property rights and the ease with which we can embed the final stories, but we think this has a lot of potential for making a more interesting website.
The most fun thing we did all day was by far acting in the library trailer being put together by the Entertainment Technology students. I watched as City Tech librarian Nora Almeida featured at the reference desk, then was asked to star in the trailer myself! I was interviewed by Joe, who asked me for tips on using the library. I suggested using the library website, which features the catalog, room reservations, and even movies! I’m really looking forward to what these awesome students come up with by the end of the semester!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

For the month of October, The City Tech Library is celebrating Hispanic Heritage month.  By the library entrance there is a display with books related to Latino literature and culture.  There are also a number of related films streaming in our Kanopy collection.
Discover Latino History & The Latino Influence On the United States
The Latino Americans
Latino Language and Dialects in America
Discover Latino History
Pass The Mic! – Latin Hip-Hop Culture

Your Friendly Neighborhood Instructional Design Intern

Hello again everyone! Today opened with the ever exciting world of technical failures. Again, we’re having issues with my internet, which delays my already limited work time! Hopefully my workstation will be fixed by the time I return next Monday so that I won’t have to call three separate people to get a connection.
Once we finally got rolling, I continued my work on my general research LibGuide. I completed the citation examples that I’ve been working on since last week and discovered the fancy new tabbed box design. This type of box reduces the amount of space taken up by content, but still makes a lot of information available to the user. Look for this new feature on my LibGuide when it launches later this month!
I also created the “Steps of the Research Process” graphic, which outlines the tasks one carries out when writing a research paper. This is now set to be on the LibGuide’s landing page and serves as a framework for how the rest of the guide is organized. With this new structure, I can organize my thoughts a little more and provide more coherent and fluid information to students.
Once we wrap up the LibGuide, I’ll be working on more tutorials for the website and hanging out with the Entertainment Technology students, who are creating a trailer for the City Tech Library. Keep an eye out for these new instructional resources over the next couple months!