Holiday Hours at the Library

The library will be open reduced hours, from 9am-5pm, on December 22nd, 23rd, and 28th-30th. The library will be closed from December 24th through December 27th, and December 31st through January 3rd. We’ll return to our regular schedule in the new year. Happy Holidays!
Update:Regular schedule resumes Jan 28. Reduced hours resume Jan 4.

New Issue of Nucleus

Nucleus, a Faculty Commons Quarterly, is now available for download. There is a feature piece from Prof. Maura Smale entitled What’s New with Information Literacy at Citytech.

Hospitality Menu Exhibit

From Professor Amit Mehrotra of Hospitality Menu Exhibit:
“The menus from the Menu Planning and Design course are now on display in the front showcase of Ursula C. Schwerin Library. The seven week course brought together students from hospitality and graphic arts to collaborate on the concept, design and development of “customer ready” menus. All of you are encouraged to view it anytime between now and first week of February and provide valuable feedback for enhanced instruction and execution for future sections.
Last spring we also created digital copies for each of the menu with the ultimate aim of keeping a repository for future instructional and academic purposes. A big thanks to John Akana for helping out with the planning and setup for this display.”
menu display

Columbia goes OA

Columbia’s on the OA bandwagon–“Columbia University has joined … several leading institutions of higher learning in a commitment to a Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity. Other signatories to the compact are Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of California at Berkeley.”