Site Reports


Set up a gmail account if you do not have one already.

Open the templates in Google Docs by clicking on the links or images below. In Google Docs, make a copy of the template and give it a new file name as follows: lastname_firstname_2016_01_report title

Site Report Template Link



It is recommended you set up a new folder in Google Drive to maintain you reports.

All reports must be submitted to this course site in PDF format.

Site Reports:

Due on JUNE 12, 2017 prior to classtime.

Archival / Library Report:

Due on June 16, 2017 USE THIS TEMPLATE

Upload PDF file (less than 10 mb) to Openlab Course Site as Post.

Select “Site Report” Category

General Rubric:

  • Depth and Breadth of Documentation
    • Insightful and Original Annotations of Documentation
    • Documentation reflects Careful Observation
    • Describe rigorously what you see
    • Genuine and Varied Discoveries
    • Discoveries reflect increasingly deep level of Inquiry
    • Keywords reflect on-site discussions
    • Keywords reflect relevant topics relating to site