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How the coastline became a place to put the poor

This article explains some of the problems that were caused by urban housing projects. Places like Rockway and Coney Island public hosing was build according to Robert Moses he wanted to clean up the city. In order to do so he began constructing high rise building and placing low income families in them, these buildings housed mainly African American, and Puerto Rican families. These building are located typical on the edge of the borough for the reason that the property was cheap. During hurricane sandy some of my friends who lived in far rockway had great trouble getting out of far rockway, no one felt safe at that time not just because a hurricane was approaching but also from their community.

Jane Jacob chapter 6


After reading chapter 6 theres is a clearer vision on what Jane Jacob considered what a city should be opposed to Robert Moses. Jane Jacob believed that city planners were destroying communities/neighborhoods by rezoning them to only one thing. For example having only residential in one area was creating a less human city. People wouldn’t have any encounter with others and that affects the city a lot. She said cities should have a bit of everything, commercial on the street level and residential on the upper levels. It would increase people interaction between each other in neighborhoods. Which will make the neighborhood safer because people will know each other and will feel more conformable in their own neighborhoods. Unlike Jane Jacob, Robert Moses saw the picture from a far, not from a person whos living in the actual space like Jane Jacob is. And he was also viewing from a perspective that led him to more money.