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Jane Jacob chapter 6


After reading chapter 6 theres is a clearer vision on what Jane Jacob considered what a city should be opposed to Robert Moses. Jane Jacob believed that city planners were destroying communities/neighborhoods by rezoning them to only one thing. For example having only residential in one area was creating a less human city. People wouldn’t have any encounter with others and that affects the city a lot. She said cities should have a bit of everything, commercial on the street level and residential on the upper levels. It would increase people interaction between each other in neighborhoods. Which will make the neighborhood safer because people will know each other and will feel more conformable in their own neighborhoods. Unlike Jane Jacob, Robert Moses saw the picture from a far, not from a person whos living in the actual space like Jane Jacob is. And he was also viewing from a perspective that led him to more money.

My Brooklyn

After watching the film “My Brooklyn” I have came to a better understanding on how gentrification works. It is very hard to live through the process of gentrification when you grew up in a place that you adapted too and consider it to be your home. It is easier to come up with plans and new activities to an environment you never were part of, because you see it from an outside view. In “My Brooklyn” is it easily to state that raise plays a big role when is come to city planning and development. That their is a preference to who the city wants at a certain locations and how it will benefit those who they choose to be there. It is very shocking also on how Zoning plays a big part of gentrification. I feel that the big issue isn’t the change to newer buildings in the neighborhood, that is it the fact that the city is pushing those who have live their whole life there by raising prices that only upper class can afford. And the saddest part is that we are all human and care so little for each other, but care more of material things such as money.