Reflection on The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Chapter 6)

While reading chapter 6 of the Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs, few things  caught my attention

There are three types of cities: a city as a whole, street neighborhoods and district of 10,000 or more. According to Jane, a city needs to be governed or independent. Any other neighborhood not listed above gets in the way of being self-governed.

I found it interesting that to be a successful self-governed city, the city needs to identify its own problem and find a way to resolve it. The 3 type of cities listed above falls into that category but any other type of city will most likely be unsuccessful if they are unable to solve its problems

City planners view neighborhood as a small community of about 7000 where it is large enough to support an elementary school, a community center and a shopping place. The following example was given in the book where if you  were to go to Main St, you would probably run into people you know or your children’s teacher or people you know at work and that I find interesting because it is connected.


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