One thought on “SiteReport#3.BokumTouray,VeraBryant,RamawadRoma,LeonJonathan

  1. Christopher Swift

    Dear Housing group:
    Here are some comments that will help you rewrite this site report in order to improve your grade.
    – You forgot to title your photos. Also, the quality of photos is very poor. Don’t you have better images?
    – Designed spaces include streets, sidewalks, etc. Discuss these along with buildings. The street traffic will greatly affect your performance.
    – I’m not clear about how the space you selected is related to the theme of your performance. You need to explain the reason you selected this site for the performance. Of course it was a good site for interaction and visibility. But the site needed to connect to your theme.
    – I don’t understand your research question. Do you mean developments from the last 10 years? Please narrow the focus. The actual Flatbush neighborhood is actually much further into Brooklyn. What neighborhood are you focusing on? When you say “Downtown Brooklyn” do you mean the “Downtown Brooklyn Partnership”? The non-profit? Or do you mean development in general?
    – The book you found is an excellent source for understanding Fulton Mall, but you are focused on a different area. Also, the book is not an archival source. Did you read any parts of the book? It’s not an article.


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