Unfair fares for CUNY students

by Katherine, Sanobar, Kevin and Darwin









Hello Class!

Over the pass three months, MTA increased metrocards prices affecting financially to New Yorkers but most to  CUNY students. We are the MTA vs CUNY team and our project is about MTA increasing their fares, which takes a toll on CUNY students . CUNY students have to go to school full-time, pay thousands for tuition, pay for books and can’t find the time to work, but yet have to pay over $1000 per year just to ride with transit.  MTA is getting our money  increasing the fare to fix their financial problems and affecting ours.

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Money is a big problem for a lot of CUNY students to succeed and it is not easy to continue education with expensive tuition and fares , it is hard to study full-time and pay expensive prices for education and transportation which are the main sources for a city to growth. MTA is increasing their fares, but for what reason? The stations are still dirty and delays are worse than ever. If we try to skip out on paying for a fare we are charged a $100 fine. Now ask yourself, is that fair?.