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Gravesend, Brooklyn

My name is Yuying and I am an international student from China. I spent two years to complete my associate degree in Tampa, FL, then I moved to New York to pursuit my bachelor’s degree in architecture. I only live in New York for one year but it is my fifth time to move into a new space. I believe I will not leave this house until I get a new job far away from here. I love this neighborhood because of its diversity culture, transportation, and public space.

The house I live is a multi-family house with hip roof. It is located at 82nd street 23 Avenue, in Gravesend, Brooklyn. It has two floors with brick facade and a small balcony facing the street. Most of the houses near us are low rise two or three family houses with balconies. Moreover, most of them use bricks with hip roof. However, the one at the corner has gambrel roof with a large garden. There are also have some apartment buildings with more than 6 floors in our neighborhood. These apartment at the next two street, 83rd street and 84th street, have a unique roof, which have a flat roof with one pitched side. They built with brown brick with pointed arch windows. There are also have some new modern apartments built by metal and glass façade. These new apartments are built near the harbor.

Gravesend is a diversity neighborhood, which peoples from all over the world, like China, Russia, Italy, Mexico, India and so on. It is a multi-cultural community because of its diversity. In this multi-cultural area, there are variety restaurants, shops, markets, groceries, spas, and medical centers. There are two Russian market opening 24/7 crossing each other at 86th street, which 5 minutes walking from my house. Under the D train, there are many shops following the 86th street, especially Chinese shops. There are two Chinese super market at 86th street, which it takes 6 minutes walking from my space. Deli and 99 cents story are separating by every 2 or 3 blocks. Moreover, in 30 minutes walking area from my house, there are 6 spas. Diversity food is my favorite thing in the neighborhood. There are many restaurants, including Chinese dishes, Japanese sushi, Indian Grilled, Russian cakes, Malaysia noodles, which is in 30 minutes walking distance from my house. There are also shops, like Gap, White Man, and CK. Pharmacies are also in the next block, like Walgreen, CVS, and Rate aid which open 24 hours a day. There is a Russian medical center next to my house, and few Chines medical center located at 86th street. Basically, I could get anything I want in this neighborhood.

I could not only shop in this area, but also have fun because there are beach and garden near my house. It takes 10 minutes driving to Coney Island Beach, which has famous playground, Luna Park, and 3 miles sandy beach. It is an idea summer respite. I really enjoy the sunshine and wind in the beach, which remind me the time in Florida. I could also walk 20 minutes to the harbor and Benson Hurst Garden.

The public transportation is flexible. There are D and N train near my house. It is 10 minutes walking to Bay Parkway station or 15 minutes walking to N train. There are also B2, B6, B86 buses near my house. It takes me 45 minutes to our college, and it also takes me 45 minutes to Downtown Manhattan since I do not have to transfer to R train.