Urban renewal blog #4

After watching the documentary trying to determine whether or not Robert Moses has done to New York City did he help or destroy. To determine that we have to see what exactly Robert Moses did and how it affected people and whether or not his projects helped.

Robert Moses saw money and profit by proposing the idea of modernization and building new complexes. Essentially taking the failed model in Paris. By building many of these project buildings that were shown was a complete fail even if it was successful in the beginning the issue was that many of these buildings and areas had nothing around them and were poorly maintained. Another issue was that Robert Moses didn’t understand was the complexity of the city like Jean Jacobs who understood that the chaos within the city is perfectly in harmony despite how it looked from the outside. I felt that Robert Moses lacked this understanding and for him he just wanted to remove that. But in reality by doing exactly that he was destroying the city.

Building the cross Bronx expressway was physically separating the community as we saw that the community there had a massive ditch built and buildings torn down to build the expressway. This was because Robert’s belief that cars are more important for the city because it was up and coming technological change. He thought it would make the city more prosperous but as Jean Jacobs said it is the people on the street the life the street that make the city. The ecosystem and mutual bonds that create life in the city and make it possible. Not highways or roads tailored specifically for cars as those destroy and divided the city.

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