commoner’s veiw of ubanization # Blog 4

Project urbanization meant to Robert Mosses to tear down homes of people leaving in lower Manhattan, by creating highways. In his eyes it meant that “a city without traffic is like a ghost town”. In his opinion he looks upon an area that is a working class to be considered the “slums”. He wanted to bring about a vast renewal project that serves as free flow of a highway. the vision that Robert mosses that seemed was to swamp down many neighborhoods just for the sake of his vision, not considering how many homes he might destroy along the way. The determination of many of the residents had driven to sought out a change to stop the destruction of communities. To help their fight was a journalist Jane Jacob, who was a common individual that understood the devastation of the residents. Jacobs used the power of journalism to reach out for change for these citizens. She had a different kind off vision she held was to create a more harmonized neighborhood, and create an integrated community. Her tools where not only her writings, but rather she fought by rallying and walking in marches with the residents. The fight brought many individuals together that created a powerful change. Many oppositions disagreed to Moses view about building an expressway by stating that he finds “expressways more important than people”.

In my opinion, Robert Moses is like one of the current day developer who reconstructs an area, thinking that they are doing the right thing, but due to his arrogance, he doesn’t see the harms his views are affecting to the common people. His ideas are to create more ways for automobiles to pass, by destroying the homes of people. The question lies that are those expressways worth more than the affect it will have on lives of humans living in that community? Jane Jacob proved Moses wrong by demonstrating the true meaning of urbanizing the city and geared it in a rightful direction by exemplifying determination of her vision to fight for the residents of that are. In reflection to this Gownus area in Brooklyn, there is a canal inside Gownus that has been polluted. This canal needs a lot of reconstruction due to the former industrial waste. Although many developers are planning to develop modern architectural buildings and create a gentrified neighborhood, these developers are forgetting that the canal is a part of the neighborhood that can’t be overlooked. The canal serves as a historical monument. To contribute change to Gownus the residents should part take in the reconstruction of the canal.


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