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MyBrooklyn was a video watched in class through the library database. In my opinion, it was a video in which great changes and gentrification was pointed out to the viewers. I would like to focus mainly on Fulton street. I was able to connect with this video because Fulton street is near school which you encounter every day while traveling to and from school. Everyday I notice how this neighborhood is ran and operated. People have stands, little corners in which they sell clothes and accessories. Many cultural stores are also present on Fulton street as well. In the video was captured parts and sections of Fulton Street In which still stands today. You are able to quickly see change and how the neighborhood is being gentrified daily. Many people were also interviewed on their opinions on Fulton street mall in particular and how they felt about it. For some, that’s very cultural because back from their origin, that was the lifestyle and way of raising income for the family. Other people think it’s a waste of space and no one shops there and big businesses and buildings should be built in the place of these stores. Personally, I think that that’s a way of making a living for individuals. Many people from the daily foot traffic do shop at Fulton street mall and may buy items from the stands and stores. In addition, many people do live here and it’s very convenient for some to get groceries and clothing for themselves especially if driving isn’t an option. Due to gentrification, people are being moved out of their spaces because the community is uplifting. This can be both good and bad for various reasons. The city is going about making laws and agreeing to decisions without consulting with the people of the place or without visually seeing the effect it has on many individuals. This video has shown me to appreciate everything around us because gentrification is here and causes many effects within the community. On a brighter note, it’s nice to see the area being developed and becoming more modernized. But what about the folks who aren’t so modern and are unable to adapt to new changes?

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