My Brooklyn

My Brooklyn, filmed by Kelly Anderson, a movie about the facts of gentrification in Brooklyn. It is an interesting documentary that I will suggest to every New Yorker should watch it. From the film, I was disappointed what governor officers and developers did for the residents and local businesses. Most of the residents move to a new place since they cannot afford the rent. I am really sad that they have to leave Brooklyn Downtown where they were born and raised. Moreover, many small businesses are forced to move out of Brooklyn Downtown because the developers need space to build apartments and condos. These businesses have been there for ten years or more where they have great relationship with their customers. And it is a shame to see them leave the area. Even worse, the government department does not allow them to post an announcement of their relocation. The local neighborhood, like so many areas of New York, are being gentrified. On the other side, it brings new feature to Brooklyn Downtown, such as modern high-rise building, global business, and attractions, which create a new community. However, it loses its own characteristic especially its mixed-culture. Downtown Brooklyn is a multi-culture environment melting with Jamaican, African, Dominican and Asian atmosphere. After gentrification, government relocated these people, only encourage elite to move in. I agree that the city should be gentrified in certain degree, but human factor should be considered one of the most crucial factor, especially the local people. I believe gentrification is not only about the environment and economy, but also about human and society. And how to create a friendly neighborhood.

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