Blog One about the street i live on (ps. i live in a house not on the street)

Hi my name is gurjot nijjar but I prefer to be called monty. I am currently taking this course as part of my requirement. I am currently studying Bio Medical Informatics.

The closest train to my house is A train and also its last stop lefferts blvd. unique thing about this train station is that for the past ten years I always find people lost at this train station who are trying to go the jfk airport but end up getting lost. I currently reside in south Richmond hill in queens. I live very close to lefferts blvd and liberty ave, which is the most popular area of this neighborhood. For me, I feel that I have a lot of facilities around me. I am surrounded by four different buses q10 that goes to jfk or kew gardens to E and F trains, Q8, Q41 and Q112 that takes to Jamaica bus terminal from where I can go anywhere. Lirr is fairly close to my house as well. Also I have A train a block away from me, that can take me to city tech within 35 minutes or manhatten in 45 minutes.

My neighborhood is diverse, I have very Asians here, but its heavily dominated by east Indian and west Indians and Caribbeans. Out of east Indians, sikh religion people (people with turban and big long beards) resides here the most as we have 3 temples in this neighborhood. Another thing is that because all the facilities here the house prices have gone up very high reaching to an average of 1 million, and there zero parking in this neighborhood most of the time or if you pay like $150 for private parking. This area lies between urban and suburban area, because we have a lot of stores here but there also a lot of residential house here. We have a lot grocery stores, a lot of Caribbean food stores. This area is also very popular for its Indian/Punjabi foods and restaurants. The crime rate is fairly low but this area doesn’t have good standards when it comes to public schools. We have maybe 4 or 5 apartment buildings here but it doesn’t mean everyone owns a house a lot of people here privately rent in these house. Even though the rent right now is very high but it still doesn’t stop people from renting it. It takes about a week to rent out a whole house, each floor differently. My neighborhood is also known for celebrating Indian festivals like holi where they celebrate with water gun and dry colored powder and Diwali which is very similar to 4th of July with the fire works. It takes me 5 minutes to walk to all the food places and I have a variety to choose from like from traditional to snacks. Although it’s a 5 minutes away but its takes forever to decide because of the all the option that are available. I do love my neighborhood and I would love to purchase a house here one day but after living here 10 years+ I feel I should try other places or states.

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