Flushing, Queens

My house is on 45th avenue, in Flushing, Queens. It is suburban, with not a single tall building in sight. The street is quite densely populated by trees, as almost half of all homes have a tree that is at least as high as the house. The place is a bit busy compared to most other blocks, as I live only two blocks away from the Utopia Parkway, and one block northwards is Northern Boulevard. It is also reasonably close to the Clear view express way. This means that you can typically find cars and other vehicles regularly going out and crossing my street. Otherwise, it is mostly quiet, with no other major sources of noise.

Most of the houses are fairly uniform in shape, typical of any suburban area, but has a wide variety of colors. For example, a brick house is right next to a mostly black and white house with red shutters. In addition, many homes have their own personal touches, such as a slightly modified roof or an addition of an area for bushes out on the front lawn.  As a result, most houses feel very individualized.

One major landmark is Lutheran Church-Resurrection, on the opposite side of my street at the end of the block. Made of brick, it would not stand out if it wasn’t in a different shape. Its most stand out feature would be the doors, a striking shade of red that manages to be perhaps the most colorful thing on the block. Just a few blocks away is the St. Kevin RC Church, which is the tallest building in the region at two or three stories high. The buildings right in front of it is only one story high, so it gives off the impression that it’s even bigger than it truly is.

As I had mentioned, my street is very close to several important streets that are commonly traveled. Because of this, a minimal amount of travel is necessary to go anywhere important. A bus stop is only a few blocks away, which connects to the 7 train. Essentially, my location is very well connected to the rest of the city, and both car and public transport are viable options to go anywhere. In addition, we are also close to many businesses, from simple small restaurants like Pizza Garden to more advanced places like a Chase bank or a McDonalds. You don’t have to travel very far to get what one needs.

The population is mostly that of a White neighborhood. However, there is also a significant population of Asians also live within the area. Most of the houses contain a child, who would most likely be teenagers at this time. While there is no large get together or community celebration, there is a sense of togetherness that makes people friendly with each other.

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