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Questions on Archives


In the case where an archive is damaged or lost after the document or object was cited and used, is the source still usable. In other words is the an argument or statement supported by a citation no longer useful in a paper if the source can’t be found?

Do archives create secondary documents in case a primary document is lost? For example a picture or a scan of the original document. Will this still be considered to be of the same value when citing it in paper?

Tuesday 9/25 and Thursday 9/27

I remembered I’d taken a photo of the crumbling party wall and the ghost signs concealed by the recently demolished building at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Flatbush Avenue last fall:


5th & Flatbush, November 2017

Today the site has been prepared for new uses yet is now overgrown with plants, indicating no construction has been happening lately:


5th & Flatbush, September 2018

Thanks, everyone, for participating in a great site visit today. The first site report is due on Thursday, September 27. Remember to save a copy of the site report template, and then edit it with your content and responses. On Tuesday we’ll discuss research in archives and special collections in preparation for our research visit to the New York Public Library Map Division, 476 Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street, on Thursday, September 27 from 3-4:30pm. Before Tuesday’s class, please read the articles linked below, and comment on this post with 2 questions you have about these readings:

Introduction to Archives, Visiting the Archives, and Citing Archival Sources from the Purdue OWL

What are archives and how do they differ from libraries? and Using Archives: A Guide to Effective Research from the Society of American Archivists

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources from Virginia Tech libraries

~Prof. L.