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Blog #2

As every new yorker, I spend time in traffic too, not as much as others, luckily train in my area almost never have delays, but still, things happen, especially when it driving. I work as a part-time driver and I think traffic is good when you have patience. it gives you chance to look around and see stuff.  There are so many places you can drive by and see, even from the train you might see a lot around, but there is nothing better to walk, you can discover places where you would never be able to go by train or car, or even better you might walk by the same place you drive by every day and notice things that you don’t pay attention from the car. in my case I always walk from home to train. I would love to walk from sheepshead bay to school but it is too far. after around two semesters of architecture, I started noticing interesting and exciting things on my daily route to city tech. Every day I find out more and more, I start to pay attention to details, and some things remind me of stuff I have learned in my architecture classes. I think you just have to look around when you walk and not be on the phone all the times.

How is change managed in a city, and who manages that change? Do people have a “right” to the city?

Changes can be hard to accept, whether it’s a huge or something very small. In fact, changes are necessary sometimes. During two of our last classes, we watched movies about changes that happened and are happening in NYC. These are the changes that we ordinary residents of the city cannot manage, because of our limited power. Changes in a city are managed by the higher class people, who have enough money to afford convincing government that their plan is good. In reality, all they think about is making more money. I believe people don’t really have the right to manage changes in their neighborhoods. They do have some power to stop those changes temporarily, but eventually, they will have to give up. Though, I do think that people should not have too much power over managing the changes, because they will almost always choose the old over new, where they feel comfortable, but they do need the change. I think people who make changes, do need to highly respect what locals want, whether it’s something new or old. By respect I mean, integrating old stuff into new to make everyone happy.