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Podcast- There Goes the Neighborhood: East New York: Did it Work

The speakers make a great job interviewing the neighborhoods in East New York. People were expressive of how they feel and who changes is impacting them. I think that when they were speaking, they get the community point of view to prove what they are saying is facts. They make sure that people understand what is going on in the neighborhood and how the changes are being visible to everyone. The question is what are they calling that we have a lot of affordable housing, there is no such thing as affordable housing. Overall, the speakers did a great job explaining himself as well as his ideas. His ideas were clear and illustrated with examples and with the involvement of the community that is being affected.

Urban Walking prompt

I love walking and knowing new places. After I read “Urban Walking isn’t just Good for the Soul,” I realized that I been doing the rights things for me and the city. It is vital that we walked around seeing things that are unseen by just watching. As New Yorkers we need to be observed everything more carefully. It’s important to know how a city works and what parts we play in helping the city to work. I agree with the reading that when you walk, it helps your body, your mind, your peace, this was one of the primary reasons why I walk, and I love it.

Do we have a right to the city?

In the films that we watched it was clear that changes are inevitable. At a certain point, we need changes in our life, community, and city. There are changes that we can’t manage, because of our word or as a person we are not values enough. I am talking about those changes that occur in our city, it doesn’t matter if you were there for months, years, or decades. The time they need to take a decision about a changed they would end up not thinking about you. As a government, you think that the changes will benefit the community or the people, but at the end of the day, they would not. As we saw it in the Jane Jacob film, changes are made in the name of people but nor for the people. The city makes that changes, but as a community, you are the one that has to faces those changes. I think that as a resident of the city you have a right to that city, but we just don’t implement it. It’s easier to blame others or just let them do whatever they want with our rights than used it. I think most of us are just scared of the consequences and that is the reason why we prefer to stay quiet.