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Podcasting guest lecture on Tuesday 11/20

In class today we briefly reviewed the article “Tturning your Investigation into a Podcast” and discussed some of the qualities of a good podcast, like using a hook or narrative arc that appeals to your audience, rehearsing your script, speaking clearly, and sounding natural (not like you are reading from a script). On Tuesday, November 20, our guest Prof. Nora Almeida of the library will speak on producing podcasts, so be sure to bring any questions you have about the technical aspects to class.

The annotated bibliography is due on Tuesday, November 27, after we return from the Thanksgiving break. Please get in touch with your questions about the assignment and any questions you may have about books, articles, and other media.

Podcast // There Goes The Neighborhood, James Asante

I’ve just listened to the podcast “East New York, Did it work?” and there were some interesting opinions being shared about people & their neighborhood and about how people felt about the change. Some opinions were for the good describing the evolution of the neighborhood & other opinions may have been against the change provoking a loss of culture in a neighborhood. A truly controversial topic. Much enjoyed.

Podcast prompt/blog

The podcast I listened to was “East New York. Did it work?”. The podcast in my opinion was very well put together. They didn’t prolong the intro or talked a lot but got straight to the point which i believe is one of the things that is essential in keeping your listeners drawn in. They also did a great job getting people to share their stories and expressing their opinions and they were all different opinions which made it more interesting and not bias. This podcast brought together facts and evidence as well as opinions to make it not only on filled with primary sources but also one that is relate-able .