Podcasting presentation

Today Prof. Nora Almeida from the library presented Podcasting: Like the Radio, but Different. Past semesters’ podcasts live on SoundCloud, and you can browse podcasts on all topics through Stitcher (and download the app to your phone). Complete guidelines for the podcast project will be posted soon. Consider what kind of your creative work with Creative Commons licenses you will want to assign to your podcast.┬á As we move into group work on the final project, additional work space will be available. We will be able to use L540, the big library classroom, and L432, the projection room, to research, write, and record. You do not have to do all recording, editing, and production in class.

The group annotated bibliography is due on Tuesday, November 27.

Looking ahead to the rest of the semester, here is a (slightly) updated schedule:

Tuesday,  November 27 Group Work: Final Project; Annotated Bibliography due
Thursday, November 29 Group Work: Final Project
Tuesday,  December 4 Group Work: Final Project
Thursday, December 6 Group Work: Final Project
Tuesday,  December 11 Group Work: Final Project Editing
Thursday, December 13 Reading Day; group work optional and strongly encouraged!
Tuesday,  December 18 Final Project Presentations
Thursday, December 20 Final Project Presentations / Wrap Up

Enjoy the holiday weekend, everyone!

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