Podcast Response: There Goes the Neighborhood: East New York: Did it Work?

What do you think the speakers and interview subjects did particularly well to communicate their ideas? What questions do you still have, or what do you think they could have explained better? Feel free to link to 1-2 of your favorite podcasts if you regularly listen to ones you want to share.

I believe the speaker did well in getting firsthand accounts by the people and using that to build on top of the facts that explains why Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Rezoning plan works. The speakers speak about the pleasant new parks and bars and new schools to serve communities. In contrast the speakers speak about gentrification and the scammers that influenced foreclosures in the neighborhood. Pros vs Con clearly advocating that the mayor’s plan works in certain cases and doesn’t work in other cases. Besides the Excitement of the people how else does the plan help the community. There was only account of a new school being constructed and only a ¼ a building serve as a legitimate affordable housing (By legitimate I mean the amount of people in a current neighborhood that can actually afford to live there). It seems to me like the opinion of the plan not working has more powerful reasoning’s behind it where as its con was not advocated enough.

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