Podcast Assignment

What do you think the speakers and interview subjects did particularly well to communicate their ideas? What questions do you still have, or what do you think they could have explained better? Feel free to link to 1-2 of your favorite podcasts if you regularly listen to ones you want to share.

I think the speakers in the How Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards Project Bruised the Community : Daily News Sports Talk podcast , from APRIL 22, 2016, did an informative job in explaining what the Atlantic Barclays Center was, what it is now (Pacific Park, Brooklyn ), what happened, what’s happening now, and what is predicted to happen. The speakers throws out many points about how this whole thing is a game. I like the way the speakers explained about the trouble of the creation of the projects. Basically explains what problems occurred during the process of how the Atlantic Barclays went down (in part one). More importantly, HOW it has EFFECTED THE COMMUNITY was the main goal the podcast is trying to express.  

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