Groups! and the midterm student survey

Today in class we formed research groups and completed group résumés:

gentrification breaking into our homes: Maricel, Edith, Daniela, Ralph

urban design: Joel, Chimdiebube, Katherine, Ericka

open space & safety: Giuseppe, James, Renso

Le clé (BC architecture): Sabrina, Davit, JP, Mirna

Community Before & After: Zu Qiang, Anesha, Donna

the flow of people : Saqif, Terry, ChuXin

It’s time for the midterm student survey. Please complete the survey by the end of the day Wednesday. The next assignment is the group project outline. Assignment guidelines and a rubric are on the Assignments page and will be distributed in class Thursday.

If you did not complete the podcast listening and blogging assignment for today, please do so before Thursday.

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