Listening and blogging assignment for next week

Really nice work on the midterm presentations, everyone. Don’t forget to submit a PDF of your presentation slides by the end of the day today. For Tuesday, please listen to one of the podcasts linked below and write a 100 word blog post in response to this prompt:

What do you think the speakers and interview subjects did particularly well to communicate their ideas? What questions do you still have, or what do you think they could have explained better? Feel free to link to 1-2 of your favorite podcasts if you regularly listen to ones you want to share.

Podcast episodes:

There Goes the Neighborhood: East New York: Did it Work
Trickery, Fraud, and Deception
Our Town
Here’s the Plan
Daily News Sports Talk: How Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards Bruised the Neighborhood
Learning Places Summer 2016: Influence of Beaux-Arts on Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station



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