Mid-term Presentation

The mid-term presentations will be held on Oct. 23rd and Oct. 25th.

The mid-term presentation will consist of the following:

  1. Summary: Present a summary of your view and insights of the place (Barclays Center site)
  2. Theme: Present a theme/issue/research question to sell to your classmates for the podcast projects.
  3. Method: Present a method you propose to research the theme further (what questions need to be asked and answered?, how and where do you need to go? what materials do you need to inspect and study?)
  4. Outline: Develop a draft outline of the major talking points for the podcast on your proposed theme.
  5. Bibliography: Develop a draft bibliography with at least 4 primary sources that would be useful for the podcast research.

All students will post pdf of presentation to the Openlab course site. Students may use presentation software of their choosing and present on smartboard screen. All required items above should be documented in submitted pdf.

Please use the reply button to ask any questions on the mid-term.

Presentations to be 10 minutes including discussion.


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