“Urban walking isn’t just good for the Soul”

Walking around my neighborhood, and paying attention to the surroundings makes me understand the meaning behind it. One thing that I defiantly have seen change is the increase of traffic in the area. The reason behind it is that 7 years ago there were no areas for public spaces, neither schools. Present time, I’ve notice the construction of a high school, and the development of a park. Streets are completely packed because of the usage of parking, and when it hits 4-5pm traffic overloads the street, making it almost impossible to get in my parking spot. This, however is only when I drive. When I commute in public transportation, I’ve notice that the typical deli that used to close at 7pm now stays open until 11-12pm. The bus line runs packed, and they also change the line to limited because of the extremely amount of people. The bus takes you to the train line, where it hits the major street; Queens Blvd. The boulevard is big, and the city extended many of their turning lanes because of the demand of cars. One last thing to be mentioned is the construction of a new residential building right on the Boulevard. Couple of years ago before they started building the residential space, they constructed another building across the street making me analyze that the demand of living around the area has increased incredibly.

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