Urban Walking Isn’t Just Good For The Soul

According to the article “Urban walking isn’t just good for the soul” made me realize that during my commute to school I run to the train instead of focusing on my surroundings. Seeing the same thing every day gets boring. It seems like I know my neighborhood from the back of my head. There is nothing interesting to do around my neighborhood. There are days where men just sit down in front of the building looking at people pass by. When I take the train to school during my 45-minute ride I play sudoku which keeps me entertained. I do not pay attention to who is coming in or out the train. When I walk to class it is hard to walk fast because it gets so crowdy which sometimes can make you get annoyed. I agree with the article that it gets boring seeing the same surroundings every day because even if they open a new place I do not enter the store at all. I just walk by like if it had always existed.

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