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Based on the two documentaries “My Brooklyn” and “Citizen Jane: Battle for the City,” I learned that it is the elite, the wealthy, and the business developers who are in control of the “power” and have more say and “benefits” of many of the changes in the city. In the first documentary, “My Brooklyn” I noted that it was the City Council is in charge of the land use, where there it enabled for these developers to create these plans that changed the downtown Brooklyn neighborhood. Many of the developers targeted the Kings Plaza mall to replace it with a better one called Albee Fulton mall. Many of the people who already worked and lived there for many years had to relocate with no help at all, even after having a meeting with the City Council members. The people who were part of the downtown Brooklyn were displaced in many ways that they either lost businesses and their customers. This plan changed the community in many ways. I feel like one angle that “My Brooklyn” video focuses on is that this problem happened because neighborhood was of a “racial dynamic.”

I think we have the right to the city because many of us are paying the taxes and we do live in the city. Having developers pursue what they want will disrupt our communities. In both films, I understood that urbanization changed many of our lives and many ways that the city functions (for the better or the worse). Many of the events such as the protesting of building a highway or a mall could have been changed, if enough of the people and the community were able to fight the developers, such as how Jane Jacobs did, because she was skeptical about things and about the people who lived in the city.

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