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Learning Places is an interdisciplinary course co-taught by Prof. Anne Leonard in the Library and Prof. Jason Montgomery in the department of Architectural Technology. Using methodologies from both professors’ disciplines, we conduct field research and archival research to study one site together in depth. This semester, our case study site is Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and adjacent developments known as Atlantic Yards, Pacific Park, and the Atlantic Center. The site is a short distance from campus, about one mile south on Flatbush Avenue.

Barclays Center Brooklyn

By Tandonva – Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69757746

There are no required textbooks in this course. Assigned readings will be posted here on the OpenLab site or distributed in class, and recommended books are on reserve in the City Tech library. You will need a notebook or sketchbook and soft pencils for sketching during our field research visits. We will use cameras to document our research trips. A smartphone camera is fine; it is also possible to borrow a camera from the instructors. Our first class meeting is 2:30-4:35 on Tuesday, August 28 in L543 in the City Tech Library. Questions? Leave a comment below.

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