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Group outlines are due Thursday, April 18

In class today we reviewed the Annotated Bibliography guidelines and learned about vocal technique for storytelling from actress and podcast host Kate Leonard (yes, relation). The group outline is due on Thursday, April 18. Groups should submit the outline as a link to the document in a new post on the OpenLab by the start of class on that date. Looking ahead to the final weeks of the semester, the Annotated Bibliography is due on Thursday, May 2, the week we return from Spring Break. The gentrification group (and others) should check the updated Links post for the displacement map we looked at in class.

Don’t miss the Literary Arts Festival happening this Thursday evening starting at 5:30 in the theatre of the new Academic Complex across the street at 285 Jay Street. The festival features student performances and special guest José Olivarez, poet, educator, podcast host, performer, and author of Citizen Illegal.