Podcast workshop on Thursday, May 2, and a list of podcasting resources

On Thursday, May 2, Prof. Nora Almeida of the City Tech library will facilitate a 1 hour workshop on podcasting. In class we generated questions about content, format, and production. I will share your questions with her in advance, and when you think of new questions, please bring them to class or ask them in a comment on this post. By Thursday, everyone should read the podcast assignment guidelines carefully, and one person in each group should create a SoundCloud account; we’ll use SoundCloud to host and license the podcasts.

Some podcasting resources:

Anchor.fm for iOs and Android – a mobile app for recording and producing on your phone

Audacity is free open-source audio recording and editing software

Garageband for Mac and PC is also free

Consider attending the free Let’s Record and Edit workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library, Central Library, this Thursday 5/2 at 6:30 pm

Here’s my Lynda.com playlist of podcasting how-to videos (log in with your New York Public Library or Brooklyn Public Library account)

The Bello Collective podcasting 101 offers short articles about podcast production, team management, and community building

On Tuesday 5/7, Thursday 5/9, and Tuesday, 5/14 we have the use of L540, the library’s classroom, and L432, the library’s projection room, during class time. If you find another quiet place to record on campus, let us all know in the comments.

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