Final Podcast Project Guidelines

Final podcast project guidelines

Your podcast assignment is the final project for the semester. Each group will contribute a page to an OpenLab project site we will create together. Each page will contain the following elements:

  • link to your group’s 15-20 minute podcast (audio recording)
  • uploaded annotated bibliography and outline; references for any images, music, etc that you use
  • a few original images (photographs or sketches produced by a group member) that illustrate the research question or theme. Images should have descriptive captions.

See the step-by-step podcast instructions from Prof. Almeida for technical assistance with recording and editing.

In addition to creating and editing an audio recording, each group will:

  • Strategically incorporate or reference at least two relevant information sources.
  • Provide basic metadata for your podcast including at least three descriptive keywords.
  • Select a Creative Commons license to dictate how your podcast can be used by others.

This activity will be completed in 4 stages

  1. planning and prewriting
  2. research and script development
  3.  technical production
  4. listening & reflection

Key Dates

April 29-May 2: planning and prewriting – in-class time to research, write script, rehearse, and record; OpenLab project site creation; Prof. Nora Almeida guest lecture on podcast production
May 7-9: research and script development – in class time to write and rehearse
May 14: in class time to rehearse and record; finalize technical production; podcast scripts due during class
May 16: Podcast listening part I
May 21: Podcast listening part II; all content must be posted on OpenLab project site by the end of class on that date; reflections & wrap-up

Resources for recording
The Multimedia Resources Center in the City Tech library lends out USB headsets with microphones. Use your college ID to borrow a headset/mic. Headsets must be used in the library. You can borrow an iPad Mini or laptop for up to 3 days from Multimedia with your college ID.

If you need a quiet place to record, reserve a library study room. During class time on 5/7, 5/9, and 5/14, you may use the library projection room or the eclassroom. Bring a laptop with Audacity or other recording software already installed. You can record with your phone using the voice memo app or Anchor for iOS or Android.

During last Thursday’s workshop a few people asked about using music. Start your search for CC-licensed music that you can legally use at CCMixter, Jamendo, or one of the other sites listed here.

Grading criteria

  • Successful attempt to answer research question
  • Inclusion or references made to at least two relevant information sources (articles, books, maps, films, etc.)
  • Quality of content analysis and synthesis of sources relevant to the research question.
  • Equal participation of group members in podcast recording
  • Good effort made to successfully record, produce, and edit
  • All required content appears on OpenLab site
  • Podcast successfully uploaded to Soundcloud with images and metadata
  • Podcast is between 15-20 minutes long
  • All content is cited in the bibliography, including images and music
  • Selection of an appropriate Creative Commons license

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