Midterm presentation guidelines – due March 26 & March 28

The mid-term presentations will be held on Tuesday, March 26 and Thursday, March 28. We will determine the order of presentations in class on March 21.

The mid-term presentation will consist of the following:

  1. Summary: Present a summary of your view and insights of the place (Barclays Center site)
  2. Theme: Present a theme/issue/research question to sell to your classmates for the podcast projects.
  3. Research Method: Present a method you propose to research the theme further (what questions need to be asked and answered?, how and where do you need to go? what materials do you need to inspect and study?)
  4. Outline of Major and Minor Topics related to Research: Develop a draft outline of the major talking points for the podcast on your proposed theme.
  5. Bibliography as starting point for Research: Develop a draft bibliography with at least 4 PRIMARY sources that would be useful for the podcast research. (No more than 1 newspaper article.)

All students will post a pdf of presentation to the Openlab course site. Students may use presentation software of their choosing and present on the smartboard in L543. All required items above should be documented in submitted pdf.

An excellent midterm presentation includes all of the following elements:

-strongly developed and clearly realized theme, issue or research question that is relevant to the study site
-clear and realistic research methods are described
-well-organized outline with sufficient detail to demonstrate how the topic, question, or theme will be addressed
-the bibliography includes 4 or more relevant primary sources with complete citations
-PDF of presentation is submitted on time, free of typos, and grammar, syntax, or formatting errors

Please reply to this post to ask any questions about the midterm.

Presentations to be at least 7 minutes but no more than 10 minutes including discussion.

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