Blog Post 02: “Due North” Reflection

What city walking experiences do you have in common with the writer? What in your experience is different from what he wrote about? What do you think of the power of serendipity to “expose our commonalities,” as he puts it?

    One city walking experience I have in common with the author Cadogan of the article “Due North” is when I travel between boroughs. Since I currently live in Staten Island, but I usually commute the express bus to Manhattan and then I take the train to Brooklyn to get to City Tech. Staten island is a pretty sleepy place compared to Manhattan and Brooklyn. I enjoy living in a peaceful environment where you can generally find parking and don’t have to move car each day. Manhattan and Brooklyn is the place to find essential beauty of the architecture and culture. The only downsides are the overcrowded mass of people walking from one place to another and the transportation traffic. I don’t think my experience is different from what the author wrote. Cadogan observed different joys of different boroughs like me too. Overall these three boroughs might be different environments but as what Cadogan said, “serendipity to expose our commonalities”, people might share similar passion to their work and frustrations just in a different way.


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