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Blog 1 Jeferson Castro

  1. I wanted to chose to talk about Vinegar Hill itself for my blog. Vinegar Hill may not be a lively area such as DUMBO or other parts in the city but it does have potential. It has the potential to strive just as Dumbo did but I believe it’s a matter of whether or not the residents of vinegar hill want that lifestyle. Developing neighborhoods usually attract more people and tourists depending on its locations and it could be that the resident of Vinegar Hill are used to a certain lifestyle that they don’t really need that sort of improvement to their community.  One thing that Vinegar Hill needs to prosper is more foot traffic, if more people come in and out for stores to the neighborhood it would attract more people to it thus increasing its reputation.

Blog 1 Jim Fienco

I chose to write my blog about the Washington Square Arch.  Washington Square has always been one of my favorite places in Manhattan.  The Washington Square Arch is always majestic to look.  But, I always wanted to know the history of the Arch.  I used the DPLA link to help me with this research.  The Arch was build in 1895. The Arch was dedicated to George Washington, in honor of his inauguration in New York. To me, this is almost similar to my research in Dumbo. Back then, the city was looking for a way to bring more people to Washington Square Park and use the available space that they had. They decided to build an arch in honor of George Washington and give Washington Square Park it’s rich history. I compare it to Dumbo because it also had available space, so the city decided to create a park and walkways for people to enjoy. What I’m trying to say is, back then and now, they’re always trying to be innovative with the space they have for parks.  I would into the NYPL for answers or in one of the links I was given.